Mike Bergum – Contributing Member of Minnesota Recruiters Group

As the Branch Manager of Marketplace Home Mortgage in Stillwater, Minnesota, Mike Bergum has made a strategic professional affiliation with the Minnesota Recruiter’s Network in order to strengthen his professional recruiting and lending team. The Minnesota Recruiter’s Network is a professional network of over 3,000 corporate, consulting, search, and human resource professionals throughout the State.

The group is designed to interact with the local community and other recruitment professionals within the organization, with annual meetings four to six times in the Twin Cities area to interact with local and national recruiting and human resources experts.

In an effort to develop his leadership, professional, and recruitment skills, Mike Bergum is dedicated to the Minnesota Recruiter’s Network and contributes during the annual Twin Cities meetings. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the organization was founded in 2007 and was developed by recruiting professionals seeking methods to strengthen the hiring and employment process. The organization’s website currently has a database of employment opportunities throughout the Nation for members of the Minnesota Recruiter’s Network to peruse and evaluate.

Considering Mike Bergum’s wealth of lending experience, no one can discount the fact that his expertise in the industry and his ability to recruit a talented, experienced and client-centered team is unmatched. Mike Bergum has been successful in balancing his commitments with his professional affiliations with his executive role with Marketplace Home Mortgage.